Survey Calendar

Ecological assessments are required by planning authorities to ensure that current statutory obligations are fulfilled.

Ecological Surveys

Orbis Ecology understands that each and every project is important, and as such our experienced ecologists will guide you through the planning process making sure everything runs smoothly.

It is important that you give consideration to your ecological survey requirements early in the planning stages of your development as seasonal limitations can restrict survey effort. In some cases ecological surveys may need to be spread over a period of up to 12 months or longer. Early identification is essential for informing scheme design and avoiding unnecessary expenditure and delays to your project.

Our initial consultation usually includes a desk-based site study and site assessment which will assess your site and identify the potential for rare or protected wildlife. As a result of this survey work we can advise if further, more detailed surveys will be required. We recommend you get in touch early in your project so that surveys can be scheduled to avoid any delays.

Our seasonal survey planner can help you with your planning: