Exeter Cathedral’s swift boxes are now in situ!

Last week we were proud to support the installation of 130 swift boxes into the south tower at Exeter Cathedral.  

On Monday 26th June, Billie and Oliver went along to support the launch of the installation of 130 swift boxes at Exeter Cathedral. The project is run by Devon Swift Project and was jointly funded by Devon Birds and Orbis Ecology. The swift boxes will help to support the existing swift population in Exeter, and will hopefully help expand the population over the coming years.

The installation took most of the day and was the last leg of a lot of behind the scenes work by Devon Swift Project. We are very proud to be involved in this exciting project – especially having our logo stamped on each and every swift box!

The swift boxes are part of the Exeter Cathedral Development Project Activity Plan which is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Keep an eye out for updates and more locations of the Devon Swift project boxes as they are installed.