Radio tagging greater horseshoe bats in North Devon

A day adventure – caves, mines, climbing kit and a steady nerve required!

We have been super lucky to join up with Geoff Billington of Greena Ecological Consultancy once again. This time some of the Orbis Ecology team found their way to a couple of secret spots in North Devon to help with a research project.

During the course of the day (in which they experienced every weather known to man) and after much hiking, clambering and the odd climb down a rope or two, they were fortunate enough to radio-tag three female greater horseshoe bats. It was a fascinating opportunity to get involved with this long running project, which aims to locate maternity roosts for this species.

This was Megan (our fabulous new assistant ecologist’s) first time doing anything like this, she really jumped in with both feet and thoroughly enjoyed the experience – well that’s what she told me!

We look forward to keeping you up to date with more Orbis adventures as the weather (hopefully) warms up…