Devon Swift Project – an inspiring venture to be involved in!

The main aim of the Devon Swift Project is to increase the population of common swifts in Devon and beyond. Take a peek at Devon Swift Project‘s brand new website, sponsored by Orbis Ecology.

Orbis Ecology are very proud to be supporting the Devon Swift Project. The project is providing new nesting habitat in Devon’s churches. To help spread the word, Orbis Ecology have sponsored the development of their website which is now up and running, you can take a look here:

Not only do they have a new website to shout about, but they also have some rather exciting news… The project recently got the go-ahead to install 180 swift colony boxes in Exeter Cathedral. Orbis Ecology will be supporting this phase by purchasing the materials needed for the nest box build.

Keep an eye out for updates with Devon Swift news as the project progresses.